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PLS Trade- Home of Bio Bidet Canada
P.O.Box: 34100 Ottawa, Ontario, K2J 5B1 Canada.

Bio-Bidet is one of many products offered by PLS Trade, a full service business engaged the manufacturing and distribution of concept products suitable for the new millennium.

Our mission is to develop, expand and integrate an organization that can furnish products, programs, service, and support for our customers to meet their present and future needs.

To provide our customers, distributors and representatives with outstanding service of the highest professional and ethical standards, by being responsive to their needs and concerns and providing them with the best value in products for their application within the industry.

Please feel free to browse the various categories listed. This is representations our product and programs offered. If you have any trouble finding a system that fits your needs or have further questions call or e-mail any of our distributor in your area or contact one of our sales representatives at our main office. They will gladly provide assistance in finding answers for you.

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WRAS Certified

EN1717 Under Process

Austrailia Water Marks

CSA Certified

U.K. WRAS Certified

CE with Air Gap Regulation

China CCIB Certified

Japan S-Mark

Japan JET Certified

ISO 9001 Certified

CE Certified

Japan Dentori Certified

C-UL Certified

Each Certification applies to selected models.