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7" Toilet Riser Mounting Bolt Kit


$10 shipping flat rate


Bio Bidet is proud to announce a great addition to its product accessory line-up.  Bio Bidet now offers customized 7” long metal mounting bolts which make it possible to attach any one of Bio Bidet’s bidet seats on top of a seat riser.

Bio Bidet’s line of advanced bidet toilet seats are an ideal solution to gain back independence in the bathroom.  With easy operation through the use of a wireless remote control or an attached side panel , users can quickly and effectively clean themselves after using the bathroom practically without using their hands. 

Standard features on Bio Bidet advanced toilet seats are separate washes for males and females, heated toilet seats, air dryers,  and some models have an extra wash most commonly known as an enema wash which helps to alleviate constipation naturally with water.

The user can adjust the position of the nozzle, the temperature of the water, as well as the pressure of the water spray.  Most Bio Bidet models have oscillating and massage effect modes.

Bidet seats are normally no higher than standard toilet seats so this may pose a problem for those who require higher toilets.  With the 7” long metal mounting bolts, any seat riser that fits under your existing toilet seat will now be compatible with bidet seats.  The 7” metal mounting bolts work best with seat risers that raise the seat about 3” and fit under the existing toilet seat.  Bio Bidets will not work with seat risers that are placed over the seat.